When looking for a pair of statement luxury headphones, V-Moda is always an excellent place to start from. And because most luxury consumers prefer their purchases customized, the company gladly offers the possibility to up the price of their headphones by adding various expensive materials into the mix.

Crossfade M-100 Headphones by V-Moda

The awesome 3D printed shields called Crossfade M-100 have a base price of $270. The headphones are pretty cool in their standard version, but after an intense customization they can become virtually irresistible. The shield design, the base color and the overall aesthetics can be chosen by the buyer from a variety of options, and there is also the possibility for the customer to upload a unique, personal shield design which the company will then use.

While some may think that even $270 is too much for a gadget that allows you to listen to music, that price is actually nothing compared to how much the Crossfade M-100 can actually cost. Take for instance a silver version with platinum shields, gold screws and 3D printed studs: this baby would set you back $41,350. There’s no typo there, we assure you.