A shed can be so many things, but when it is not being used, it is simply wasting space. All too often a shed becomes the place to dump things you have no idea what to do with that then become forgotten about.

Instead, put your shed to work and use the space you have wisely. What we are trying to say is that you should transform it into a home office and have that space be more productive.

There are a few things to do to make it viable as an actual office, however, not least of which is to install the best alarm system you can afford since you are going to have some expensive business equipment in there. But, before we get to that part, you’ll need to make a complete overhaul.

In this article, we will give you the steps to take to transform your shed into your cosy home office to start a business or just keep your home documents organized.

1 – Install electricity & internet

For the shed to be a proper office, you’re going to need to install electricity. But, before you call the electrician, you need to talk to the city clerk about any kind of zoning laws and what type of permit you will need to hook your shed up to the grid.

It may be a simple case of running some wiring out to the shed, but it might also be more complicated than that. For instance, just having an outlet is not likely to be enough.

You should think about wiring the shed as if it is another room in your house. That includes having light switches and light fixtures that are hard-wired and not just plugged into an extension cord.

As far as the internet goes, if you can run a cable from your home router then all you need is to install another router out in the shed. However, if your shed is close to the house, then you may opt for a powerful wifi router that extends the signal to the shed.

2 – Make it energy efficient

If you want to work comfortably, then you need the shed to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. To make this happen you have to make some upgrades.

Start with replacing the windows. Some good double pane ones will be very effective at keeping the inside a comfortable temperature. New windows will also be less prone to leaking so you won’t be heating the outside so to speak.

The next step is to add some insulation. If your shed is just wood panels separating you from the outside then you are going to have a hard time staying comfortable in your office. The insulation will create a layer that goes between the outside wood panels and some drywall panels that you will install inside over the insulation.

3 – Make it watertight and secure

Having expensive equipment and sensitive documents means that your shed has to be more like an extension of your home than a utility. Which means that you have to make sure the roof is not going to leak and ruin equipment. If you have to redo the roof, then do so as it will pay for itself by the security it provides.

Also, as far as security goes, make sure that you have not only a good alarm, but that there is a camera installed so you can see what is happening there remotely. If people know you have a computer and other expensive equipment then it will be a target for thieves.