Although some motorcycle manufacturers make bold claims, their so-called go-anywhere platforms don’t always deliver. Robo.Systems, on the other hand, intends to offer something even more versatile than your average dual-sport, scrambler, dirt bike. This is the 2×2 Ultra Bike and it’s ready for your off-road adventures across land or water. You read that right!

Aside from torque, another crucial characteristic riders need for traversing over various types of terrain is traction. Knobby tires, on the other hand, can sometimes only do so much on mud, loose gravel, and other types of challenging surfaces.

Therefore, Robo.Systems equips their cross-country two-wheeler with everything it needs to succeed. The 2×2 Ultra Bike rides on two massive low-pressure tires with two layers of rubber. Due to its size, the surface area in contact with the ground is larger to give it more grip.

Furthermore, metal grouser plates are bolted over for even more traction. The manufacturer states the volume also allows it to float on water. However, you’ll need to attach two inflatable pontoons on each side for stability. Bafang hub motors that draw power from a 48V, 35Ah battery can get you up to 30 mph.

This eclectic motorcycle can travel 40 miles before it needs a recharge. Speaking of which, the 2×2 Ultra Bike is packing a removable 800W petrol inverter generator. Robo.Systems point out that each wheel can hold 20 liters of fuel.

Moreover, an additional jerry can lets you haul even more for even longer expeditions. The sturdy frame features sections that can hold these components securely. There are even cargo racks on the front and back of the 2×2 Ultra Bike. It’s fun, quirky, and powerful! What more do you need?

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Images courtesy of Robo.Systems