When it comes to premium materials for manufacturing various products, metals, carbon fiber, and ceramic are some of the top choices. However, there has been a growing demand for unique items made from concrete. The building material’s primary use is in the construction of structures, roads, dams, and so much more. Meanwhile, a lot of companies are finding awesome applications for it. 22STUDIO is one brand that is doing so with its Merge Desk Pen.

If fidget toys and other desk ornaments fail to impart the personality you want for your workspace, the Merge Desk Pen might be what you need. The Taiwan-based outfit has been using concrete as its medium of choice to craft a lot of cool stuff. After its founding in 2005, by Sean Yu and Yiting Cheng, their workshop in Taipei has been growing their catalogue over the years.

With their extensive experience and understanding of concrete’s properties, 22STUDIO showcases their talents with the Merge Desk Pen. It is available in gray or red color. Personally, we prefer the overall look for the former, but it is really up to your tastes. Or, you might want to also check out our guide for the best 17 tactical pens.

As the name already reveals, this is a stylish writing instrument. Yet, this is one you won’t find in the stationery section of your favorite retailer or office supply provider. Unlike regular options, the Merge Desk Pen boasts a chunkier barrel. Of course, it is heftier as well. According to 22STUDIO, the set clocks in at 170 grams and measures 132 mm high, 41 mm wide and 43 mm long. We think you can also use the base as a paperweight when the need arises.

Buy – $65.00

Images courtesy of 22STUDIO