For all of you eagerly waiting for Cadillac’s all-electric venture, they’re finally sharing a sneak peek at the 2026 VISTIQ. After a slew of hybrid models to help its user base make the transition to totally green motoring, the manufacturer looks to the future. Pegged to launch in early 2025, it brings the company’s total number EVs to five.

So far, the eco-friendly lineup is comprised of the 2024 LYRIQ, 2024 CELESTIQ, 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ, 2025 OPTIQ, and the 2026 VISTIQ. As you can already guess by the naming convention, the “IQ” is the designation applied to the whole all-electric fleet and perhaps also to the ones that will follow.

Details surrounding their recently revealed EV are very limited as of this writing. However, we do know that it is designed as a three-row SUV. Moreover, Cadillac is positioning it a tier below the Escalade IQ and above the two-row LYRIQ. Press materials likewise indicate it “is meticulously crafted and powered by innovation.”

What we can gather from the images is that the aesthetics maintain a contemporary vibe with subtle hints about its zero-emission characteristic. If not for the liberal distribution of LED lighting and the absence of a traditional grille, you would think this is just a regular mid-sized luxury SUV.

Even automotive industry insiders had no luck when it came to specifications. As such, they can only share some speculation as to how much it will cost and when Cadillac might ship out units to showrooms. Except for the Kia EV9, the 2026 VISTIQ’s competitors in the mid-size category are limited to two rows only. As for the pricing, Cadillac will likely tag it with a starting price of a little over $60,000.

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A rear 3/4 view of the 2026 Cadillac VISTIQ in Opulent Blue Metallic.

Images courtesy of Cadillac