The truth is, anyone who can afford a camper trailer does not necessarily mean they are aware of some nuances. Some details buyers need to consider are the towing capacity, hitch type, and the ability to maneuver their vehicle with precision. The former two are certainly crucial, while the latter takes some practice. Therefore, the 2025 Bowlus Rivet is a game-changer in the RV scene.

As we pointed out before, it’s important to learn how to align your vehicle with the trailer properly. Even if you’re off by an inch, some hookup systems might not connect securely. A rear-view camera greatly helps in these types of situations, but Bowlus thought of something cooler. Why rely on a video feed when you can observe the process in person?

This is not our first rodeo with travel trailers from the manufacturer. The 2025 Rivet happens to be the latest entry to their ever-growing lineup of caravans. What sets it apart from its competitors is the optional remote-controlled parking feature. Just as it says, this year’s unit is compatible with the AeroMove system.

At first glance, nobody would think something with a retro aviation-inspired aesthetic like the 2025 Rivet packs cutting-edge technology. Moreover, Bowlus promotes sustainability with longer off-grid escapades via the AeroSolar setup. This equips the motorhome with solar panels, an inverter, lithium batteries, and other eco-friendly components.

The product page tells us to “Enjoy hard-to-reach locations – thanks to a 3 inch lifted axle with all-terrain tires to support off-grid access.” Its aerodynamic outline likewise benefits the towing vehicle as it minimizes drag, which aids with the overall efficiency while on the road.

At only 3,500 lbs. when fully loaded, the Rivet can be hauled by EVs, SUVs, trucks, and crossovers. The standard floor plan of its living spaces reveals a rear sleeping area, shower, toilet, dinette, sink, and kitchen. Bowlus will gladly customize your travel trailer to fit reasonable requirements.

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Images courtesy of Bowlus