We all knew it was only a matter of time before Land Rover went fully electric. Folks who couldn’t wait opted for vintage model conversions like those from Everrati. Meanwhile, the rest settled for mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants. A few days ago, the British marque officially opened its books for the zero-emission Range Rover.

This is great news indeed and a wonderful development for the automotive industry overall. It seems almost every carmaker is under pressure to meet the proposed deadline for sustainable motoring. Keep in mind the details provided serve as teasers to hype up the eco-friendly SUV.

Overlanding enthusiasts, on the other hand, need not worry. Land Rover has cultivated a solid reputation when it comes to off-road performance. As such, the upcoming Range Rover EV is reportedly developed to be on par with the capabilities of the P530, albeit sans any environmental impact.

With this in mind, owners can go on adventures without an afterthought regarding their carbon footprint. According to insiders, prototypes are currently undergoing comprehensive testing and pushing the machine to its limits. They’re supposedly driving the Range Rover EV over difficult terrain and exposing the all-electric powertrain to extreme temperatures.

Likewise, the maximum wading depth should be around 33.46 inches. When it passes everything with flying colors, only then will the engineering team deem it worthy to wear the Land Rover badge. Another aspect people associate with the platform is luxury.

In addition to its robust yet refined profile, the interior will likely be as opulent as the ICE versions of the SUV. Furthermore, the battery-electric system’s virtually silent operation coupled with an active noise cancellation feature should maintain a serene atmosphere within the cabin. 

The 800V architecture supports industry-leading fast-charging protocols. For example, hook it up to a 350 kW supply and watch the battery meter zip to as much as 80 percent in 25 minutes. The Range Rover EV is expected to pack a 100 kWh unit with a projected range between 280 to 310 miles.

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Images courtesy of Land Rover