Last month, Stellantis attended CES 2023 with plenty of surprises in tow. One of those was a thrilling glimpse at RAM’s electric pickup truck concept. At the time, they were calling it the 1500 Revolution and many were speculating if it is ever hitting production. Now, the carmaker finally confirms that it will and the name is officially the 1500 REV.

With Tesla assuring eager buyers of the Cybertruck’s approaching delivery date, competitors are rushing out their respective machines. Once again, this announcement is wonderful news for consumers who support efforts to stop climate change. So far, the biggest names in the automotive industry are already committing to completely green lineups in the next few years.

With the 1500 REV, another of Stellantis’ subsidiaries is ready to switch over to emission-free powertrains. “At Ram, we started a revolution last year as we invited consumers along on the beginning of our electrification journey, gathering their feedback on exactly what they are looking for in an electric pickup truck,” notes CEO Mike Koval Jr.

However, those hoping for details regarding the complete specifications need to wait a bit longer. Sources claim more information will follow shortly, particularly at Super Bowl LVII. With almost everybody in the U.S.A. tuning in for the championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, it’s the best time to showcase the 1500 REV.

What we do know is that the design is sleek with a futuristic interior. The branding at the front is illuminated while LED headlights flank each side. The 1500 REV truck bed features jump seats, while RAM says Level 3 autonomous driving is also available. Then there’s the unique Shadow Mode function which we want to see in action.

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Images courtesy of RAM/Stellantis