It may sound like nitpicking, but some people find camper vans a bit claustrophobic. We understand a few may find these types of recreational vehicles a bit cramped for comfort. Perhaps they’re just a tad taller than average or need to get in shape. The latter requires self-control and lifestyle changes, but the former should find the 2024 Noovo Plus has accounted for their dilemma.

A full-sized motorhome or adventure trailer is typically sold as a turnkey model with a couple of variations and optional trims. Some manufacturers even offer bespoke builds for clients who demand to oversee every aspect of their pricey investment. For the sake of convenience, most prefer a kitted-out platform they can enjoy right away.

Each 2024 Noovo Plus starts off with a Ram ProMaster 3500 Super High Roof. This is the extended cargo van variant which ensures a generous volume to work with. The donor relies on a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 mated to a nine-speed automatic gearbox, with an output rated at 276 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque.

As hinted earlier, headroom is never an issue as the cabin boasts a seven-foot interior height. To maximize space, the bed is mounted on an electric lift system. We also have a U-shaped living room layout that looks absolutely cozy with great views courtesy of the large windows.

Up to four adults can sleep or just relax inside as the camper van is completely insulated for all-season use. Climate control is also at your disposal with the 12V AC or air heater. The 2024 Noovo Plus’ 400W roof-mounted solar panels or the engine will keep the 660 Ah lithium battery charged for longer off-grid independence.

There is no shortage of storage spaces as smooth-gliding drawers hold your utensils, supplies, and more. Meanwhile, a 12V refrigerator keeps perishable items and drinks cold. Don’t let the call of nature freak you out as the 2024 Noovo Plus comes with a complete bathroom compartment.

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Images courtesy of Noovo