Most modern superyachts typically come with cavernous garages. This allows owners to haul anything that will fit such as water toys, submersibles, and other smaller vessels. Therefore, instead of more than one tender, you might want to order the 2023 MasterCraft XStar S Piranha Limited Edition instead. This towboat is perfect for many types of watersports

Despite its conservative size, this is one powerful machine that can handle almost anything you throw at it. Moreover, it does not skimp on premium features discerning buyers might want to have on board. the 2023 MasterCraft XStar S Piranha Limited Edition relies on an all-new 6.2-liter Ilmor SUPERCHARGED engine.

Its marine power plant produces 630 horsepower with 665 lb-ft of torque. Meanwhile, the towboat measures 23 feet long with an 8.5-foot beam. MasterCraft says the width of its interior is 7.25 feet with 122 cubic feet of storage space. Even when sea conditions make the ride a little bumpy, its plush seating does not sacrifice comfort.

Triple density foam with MasterCraft’s CoolFeel vinyl upholstery boasts exceptional UV protection. Stains and mildew are never an issue on the 2023 XStar S Piranha Limited Edition. Up to 16 people can go on a cruise aboard your towboat.

Better call dibs on the transom chaise loungers for a thrilling ride. At the helm is an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard powered by MasterCraft’s SurfStar system. The hull flaunts a dashing purple flake Gelcoat colorway.

The 2023 XStar S Piranha Limited Edition’s industry-leading Z8 tower is easy to operate. Hydro-Lock technology lets you make precise adjustments with a press of a button. It can even operate seamlessly with a bimini shade. Hands-down, there is a lot to love here.

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Images courtesy of MasterCraft