Just because it bears a Lexus badge, it does not mean the 2022 LX 600 cannot handle the trails. Its distinction as a vehicle under Toyota’s luxury marque probably makes people think so. Nevertheless, overlanding aficionados will tell you this is just a Land Cruiser 300 in a suit and tie. JAOS Corporation thinks so too, as it gives us the “OFFROAD” version of the SUV.

The stock trim is definitly no slouch when it comes to rugged activities, but its refinements can make owners think twice. Therefore, you can catch the customized version of the 2022 LX 600 at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 show this week. Perhaps the exhibit of the “OFFROAD” build will be enough to convince buyers of its robust capabilities.

JAOS goes for the tagline “experience a new adventure” to entice those who are still on the fence. With more than 35 years of producing aftermarket parts for SUVs and other 4×4 vehicles, they are experts in the field. Heavy-duty upgrades turn the upscale all-wheel-drive platform into an expedition-ready beast.

The 2022 Lexus LX 600 “OFFROAD” JAOS sees several parts replaced by carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). Among those on the list include the front skid protector, rear skid protector, and type-R over fenders. The unmistakable weave of the durable yet lightweight material adds an aggressive character to the SUV.

It sports a set of 20-inch JAOS TRIBE CROSS wheels in titanium gold. These are shod in chunky TOYO TIRES OPEN COUNTRY all-terrain rubber. Then there are optional add-ons such as the mudguards, tail-cutters, and door handle protectors. The LX 600 “OFFROAD” JAOS could mean Lexus has even more special edition collaborations like it in the future.

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Images courtesy of Lexus