McLaren is a luxury-tier high-performance marque that primarily supplies some of the world’s highly coveted supercars. Discerning owners of its vehicles are most likely in the market as well for add-ons or accessories to match their rides. TUMI grabs the opportunity and partners with the automaker for several premium products. You now have the TUMI x McLaren Luggage collection to consider for your next excursion.

For those wondering, this is not the two’s first rodeo in the luxe luggage segment. It was in 2019 when McLaren and TUMI joined forces to craft high-end products which continue to this day. TUMI creative director Victor Sanz says: “We’re two like-minded brands who share the same values-unparalleled quality, technical innovation and design excellence.”

Meanwhile, McLaren design director Rob Melville notes: “At McLaren we focus on articulating a clear design language and materials selection which combines and leads into our car’s performance.” All of these, draw inspiration from the Surrey, England-based group’s F1 race cars.

As such, deliberate nuances that exude motorsport vibes are a huge part of its characteristics. Firstly, the colorway that’s on each of the models under the TUMI x McLaren Luggage collection is the iconic black and orange. What follows is the use of materials and technology one would normally find on McLaren’s commercial and track-only machines.

First up is Carbitex (CX6) and Tegris, which endows superior durability but does not sacrifice flexibility. Other automotive elements we want to point out are the compression straps. Most carry-ons have this component, but the TUMI x McLaren Luggage collection gives it a unique spin. Hardcore racing enthusiasts will notice that it resembles a six-point harness. Ultimately, we love the tasteful execution of the designs.

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Images courtesy of TUMI/McLaren