Who better to make tough-as-nails gear than Under Armour, already a trusted name in stylish and durable essentials?

And create it did, with the help of bowhunting expert Cam Hanes. The result is a pair of smartly designed kicks as robust and unwavering as the sport its for.

Hunting is, of course, not for the faint of heart. It requires you be present at all times, with heightened senses and a keen grasp of your space. That’s not going to happen if your shoes suck. You’ll only end up distracted and uncomfortable. That’s exactly what the CH1 GTX Hunting Boots address, helping even neophytes get into the right headspace for their backcountry digs.

Under Armour and hanes spent three years working on the CH1 GTX. They needed that amount of time to stitch everything together and make sure every inclusion has a purpose. You’ll find Gore-Tex membrane on the footwear’s construction, plus a vapor-permeable mesh and Cordura polyamide for optimum performance while you’re and about scouring for beasts.

An integrated two-zone BOA lacing system comes standard, as well as anatomical insoles with double-density EVA foam for maximum comfort while trudging the great outdoors. Needless to say that these boots are made not just for walking, but for all kinds of heavy-duty action. Hanes himself had worn it while taking down one of his largest backcountry bulls to date. That’s basically the ultimate stamp of approval right there.

Under Armour will release the CH1 GTX Hunting Boots this summer for $300 a pair.


Photos courtesy of Under Armour