Some collaborations just don’t make sense until they actually happen. Then you go, “Wow, who knew they’d be perfect together?” Carhartt and Hurley scheming up a new clothing collection is the perfect example of this.

Although the two brands both make purpose-built gear, they couldn’t be more different. Carhartt makes workwear apparel like overalls; Hurley makes surfwear, or basically anything you’d need to wear wading in water.

But thankfully Carhartt and Hurley both found an overlap between their brands and decided to make an entire collection out of it. Thus comes the four-season Hurley x Carhartt product collaboration, designed to support hardworking individuals whose lives revolve mostly around water.

For spring, the Carhartt and Hurley plan to release nine styles, including men’s and women’s pieces. This includes a jacket, pullover, beanie, and shorts for men. Women, on the other hand, will be able to choose between a jacket and a long-sleeved T-shirt. Being a four-season collection, this means more choices will arrive as the year progresses.

As such, the two brands will come out with more pieces as the seasons change. We’re talking a wide range of styles. Like hooded pullovers, ball caps, graphic tees, and more jackets. Carhartt and Hurley have also launched a campaign to help provide clothes that will help people #OutworkTheWater.

The collection is available at Hurley’s website. Pricing ranges from $18 to $100 for men’s pieces and $18 to $60 for women’s pieces. You can check out some of the pieces below and learn more about the collaboration by visiting Carhartt’s website.


Photos courtesy of Carhartt and Hurley