Talking about high-performance supercars, brands to come to mind are aplenty. Well-known names such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and others more are the usual suspects. Meanwhile, it’s easy to forget that there are other premium marques out there that can churn out road-ripping monsters. One such beast is the 2019 Ultima RS, which, despite its race-ready good looks, is a street-legal ride.

This British carmaker has been making sleek and powerful automobiles since 1992 and will continue to do what it does best. This clearly shows with their latest model in the spotlight right now. The aggressive appearance and aerodynamic design of the RS imply that it’s ready to race anytime. It’s not kidding around either, because its mid-mounted engine bay can house various configurations of the Chevrolet V8 LT engine. Buyers can start off with a 480-horsepower LT1 and can go up to 800 horsepower with the supercharged LT5.

The awesomeness does not stop there, because Ultima can fine tune the top-tier engine even further. It seems that its engineers can unleash its potential to give owners an insane 1,200 horsepower output. With this option, it takes the 2019 Ultima RS into hypercar-levels of performance and speed. To keep all that power in check, each of its 19-inch bespoke alloy wheels come with AP Racing brakes. Each one is wearing Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. Tests show that it can quickly decelerate the vehicle from 100 mph to zero in just 3.3 seconds. Finally, weight reduction is on point with carbon fiber components all around.

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Images courtesy of Ultima Sports