Plume’s new SuperPod mesh Wi-Fi system gives you powerful tri-band Wi-Fi, MU-MIMO data streaming, increased data rates, and an extra LAN port. It’s a step up from the decent but lacking Plume Adaptive Wi-Fi System of yesteryear.

The SuperPod comes bundled with three hexagonal pods that you plug directly into an outlet. When plugged in, they provide coverage for the average three- to four-bedroom household, with each pod delivering 30 to 80 feet of Wi-Fi connection. Each pod is a AC3000 tri-band router boasting one 2.4GHz band, two 5GHz bands, a quad-core processor, and a Bluetooth radio. Each has two gigabit LAN ports, a tiny status LED, and a two-prong plug.

Like the original Plume devices, the SuperPod uses Plume’s Adaptive Wi-Fi technology that analyzes a household’s network. Why, you ask? Well it does this so as to optimize bandwidth allocation based on client demand. However, you’ll have to pay a separate fee to get extra features. These include things like like parental controls, guest networking, internet speed testing, device monitoring, and many others. You can pay a yearly fee of $60 to get these extra features. Alternatively, you can pay $200 upfront for a lifetime membership. That’s of course on top of the SuperPod trio’s cost, which will run you $400.

If you do purchase it, you can easily set up the mesh Wi-Fi network using the Plume companion app, available for both iOS and Android. Aside from setup, it will also allows you to monitor a bunch of different stats, like your network status, network speed, daily reports, and information about connected devices.