There used to be a time when taking a video of your various extreme activities required a buddy. Followed by a pricey gimbal is also a big plus if you don’t want shaky footage. Then a game-changer dropped that established a new standard of how we record our exploits. GoPro became a household name when it delivered the HERO range of action cameras. Each time a new model comes out, it includes cutting-edge upgrades that improve the previous one’s flaws, which is why the GoPro HERO7 Black is our go-to choice when want to film our next adventure.

The company is currently in a position wherein the market is abundant with pricier or cheaper alternatives. However, GoPro still commands a loyal consumer base that won’t settle for anything less. Just like its predecessors, the seventh-generation action camera just hits the sweet spot for adventurous souls and professionals who just want to take awesome videos.

The highlight of this newcomer is the HyperSmooth image-stabilization technology. The manufacturer claims it to be “the best in-camera video stabilization ever” and we believe it. After all, its products normally deliver only the best. You also get the all-new TimeWarp function for epic time-lapse recording.

Another new feature is dedicated to fine-tuning the still images taken by the GoPro HERO7 Black. Multi-frame noise reduction, HDR, and local tone-mapping ensure that all photos come out their best. You still get a compact action camera with an ingress protection of up to 33 feet underwater minus a waterproof enclosure that boasts touch and voice controls.

Grab it for your next adventure

Photos courtesy of GoPro