For some reason, tablets are slowly losing their popularity as consumer buying behaviors began shifting a few years ago. There used to be a time wherein almost every tech company produced a slate of their own. These days, some of the key players left are Apple, Samsung, and a couple of other Chinese brands such as Huawei, Lenovo, as well as Xiaomi. However, we often forget that an online retail giant continues to produce Android-based tablets. The latest of which is the 2018 Amazon Fire HD 8.

Due to the popularity of its Kindle range of e-book readers, it easily overshadows the fact that the online retailer continues to refresh its Fire lineup annually. At $79.99 the latest iteration of the HD 8 comes in four colors: Black, Marine Blue, Punch Red, and Canary Yellow. It houses a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU (presumably form MediaTek) and 1.5GB of RAM. Memory options available are 16GB and 32GB only, but you can always expand it via a microSD card up to 400GB. Additionally, Amazon provides unlimited cloud storage for any of its curated content.

The 2018 Amazon Fire HD 8 sports an 8-inch 1280 x 800-resolution display. Its dual stereo speakers feature Dolby Atmos audio enhancement technology. Just like most products manufactured by the company, the tablet also supports Alexa hands-free. Look forward to around 10 hours of regular usage on a single charge.

Make it yours starting at $79.99

Photo courtesy of Amazon