Land Rover fans should be no stranger to Cool & Vintage, a Portugal-based company that restores a number of models from the globally iconic car brand. Its latest handiwork is the 1983 Land Rover Series 3 SUV.

The restoration process involved disassembling then rebuilding the four-liter V8 engine and transmission. What’s more, the chassis, gearbox, and the remaining mechanical parts. Cool & Vintage restored everything to factory-new condition, to be clear. Suffice it to say that Cool & Vintage left nothing untouched, and although the car retains its classic design from decades past, everything is practically new.

The folks at Cool & Vintage revamped the iconic frame with a fresh new Tangerine Orange paint job. That gives it a level of luster that goes in perfect tandem with the black leather interior and accents. This is perhaps one of the rarest Land Rovers you will ever have the chance of owning, and would be a lovely new addition to any collector’s vintage restorations roster.

Time for a short history lesson for you Land Rover fans: The company first put the Series III into production in 1979 when it noticed that its performance in Africa, Australia, and the Middle East — markets where it was supposed to shine — was dipping. People just preferred the Toyota Land Cruiser over Land Rovers. That’s thanks mainly to the former’s nearly-unbreakable inline six motor. The answer came via the Series III’s 3.5-liter V8 engine and four-speed transmission, taken from the Range Rover. Which brings us now to the car you see above, which you can import to the US.

Check out some more photos below and visit Cool & Vintage’s website to learn more.


Photos courtesy of Cool & Vintage