Lexus has finally unveiled its first official yacht, the Lexus LY 650. It’s a 65-foot ship that wonderfully shows off the Japanese car company’s recently revisited “L-finesse” design theme, which debuted with the sport yacht concept that was detailed last year.

The Lexus LY 650 comes with three staterooms, three toilets, and six sleeping rooms. The design smudges the line between elegance and sleekness. That sentiment shows through the yacht‘s pronounced bow, deck accents, and accentuated aft hips. Lexus executive VP Shigeki Tomoyama said he wants to “present a dream-like vision of the luxury lifestyle; one where the Lexus Yacht expands the potential of Lexus mobility to the ocean.”

Thankfully, the LY 650 isn’t just about the looks. The ship comes with an IPS 1200 marine engine from Volvo, but you can opt for an additional Volvo IPS 1350 motor if need be. The IPS 2000 boasts a 12.8-litre, inline 6-cylinder turbo and supercharged engine that makes 789 bhp. On the other hand, the IPS 1350 pushes it further to 986 bhp. The ship has a fuel capacity of 3,785 liters, a water capacity of 852 liters, and a holding tank capacity of 643 liters.

Wisconsin-based Marquis-Larson Boat Group is poised to construct, sell, and service the vessel when it goes into production next year. The first completed Lexus LY 650 is expected to come in the second half of 2019. A global debut is scheduled shortly thereafter. Finer details like pricing and other specifications will be announced at a later date, so make sure to check back with Men’s Gear as we learn more.


Photos courtesy of Lexus