The thermoformed Discommon Card Wallet 2.0 is built on the success of its predecessor with the same name. It still boasts the same simple yet stylish design, but now equipped with security features.

Discommon has integrated an RFID blocking layer to the non-perforated side of the wallet to help prevent card data swiping. The perforated side, on the other hand, is for quick access to a card that requires RFID transparency.

The updated version may still look like the original thermoformed Card Wallet with its minimalistic and sleek design. However, the new version is more durable because its structure has gone through an increased level of industrial testing to make sure it lasts for years.

Meanwhile, Italian calf hide makes up the stitchless on the exterior of this wallet and laminated Japanese micro-suede in the interior. Discommon also made sure that the formed pockets do not stretch and leave an imprint of your card, which usually happens on usual leather wallets.

Just like the original, the new version still accommodates eight cards, four on either side. You can also opt to put folded bills on one side.

The Discommon Card Wallet 2.0 comes in two colors: navy with lime highlights and black with yellow highlights.

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Photos Courtesy of Discommon