Premium audio manufacturer Bang & Olufsen never fails to disappoint when it comes to products that break the conventions of design. Just take a look at the Beosound Edge, its latest speaker that’s basically just a circular void or a big old coin.

Designed by Michael Anastassiades, who’s made terrific public drinking fountains around London, the Beosound Edge takes inspiration from the UK’s old pound coin, so it looks like a chunky slab of tin huge enough to stay propped upright.

In terms of sound, you can expect nothing less than stellar. We’re talking about B&O here, one of the most recognizable brands in high-quality audio, so its no surprise the Beosound Edge continues the company’s excellence in that department. It has a 10-inch woofer, two pairs of 4-inch midrange drivers, 0.75-inch tweeters, plus six amps thrown in for good measure. Beosound Edge also marks the debut of Active Bass Port, a new B&O-exclusive feature that cranks up “more energized bass” as you turn up the volume thanks to a special chamber inside the speaker.

And how do you change the volume? You do by rolling it around, of course, since the Beosound Edge is also a huge dial. Slowly rocking it forward or backward will change the volume, and there are touch sensors inside the speaker (inside the aluminum frame, to be more specific) that’ll still let you do this even if the speaker is mounted on a wall.

You’ll be happy to know that it’ll work with nearly every wireless audio platform out there, including AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Bluetooth, which will pretty much satisfy all your connectivity needs.

Now, on to the real question: How much is it? Well, prepare to shell out $3,500 for this baby when it goes on sale this November.

B&O Beosound Edge Speaker