For those craving that classic and authentic pizza taste, BakerStone’s Pizza Oven Box is probably the closest you’re going to get without breaking bank. Not only will it give you something similar to that scrumptious wood-burned pizzeria taste, but it’ll also help up your pizza-making game.

This portable oven box will convert your three-burner stove, gas BBQ, or charcoal grill into a legit pizza oven. Just plop it down, throw in your dough, and you’re all set. Plus, if you get sick of pizzas, you’re in luck. This oven box is great for cookies, bread, and other types of pastries, too. Why stop there, though? Throw in some vegetables, maybe even some fish, and you can crank out an entire feast with this baby.

The machine itself is very robust and durable, built from stainless and enameled steel, making it suitable even under extremely high temperatures. It uses conductive, convective, and radiant heat for that perfect open-flame pizza taste, which is amazing considering you’ll be able to do this right from your backyard. Your pizzas are cooked in just two to four minutes, so the party can keep on going.

The BakerStone Pizza Oven Box is available now on popular retail outlets, including Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace, Do It Best, and Kitchen & Company. Our UK friends can get it from Argos, The Range, and Chessington. You can also get it online on Amazon or BakerStone’s official online shop. It costs just $99, which is an incredible value for your money.


Photos courtesy of BakerStone