Looking at yourself in the mirror has never been more interesting with the Naked Home Body Scanner. This Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled full-length mirror is a powerful motivator if you are monitoring your weight loss progress and comparing before and after photos.

This smart body scanner provides historical data and comparisons so you can keep track of your body’s physical changes. As its name suggests, this mirror scans your body and creates a custom 3D model of your figure. This works through the scale that rotates you 360 degrees in 15 seconds. The rotation creates a snapshot of your body from all four sides.

The mirror has a companion mobile app that records your physical statistics in detail. It tracks 10 circumferences over time. Using the app, you can explore your 3D model with pinch, zoom, and rotate. You also get to see side-by-side comparisons from each time you step on the scale for another go at the Naked Home Body Scanner.

The mirror, selling for $1,395, tracks how your body has changed over time with data visualization. Infographics are available for comparison where you can check how your body composition (fat mass, body fat percentage, and lean mass) is changing.

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Photos Courtesy Of Naked Labs