For homeowners who ache to go beyond the usual IKEA fare, here comes a more unusual, experimental piece. Meet the Rubika Bookcase — it’s classy, it’s functional, and best of all, it’s avant-garde.

Designer George Bosnas is responsible for this home decor slash optical illusion. He of course drew inspiration from the Rubik’s Cube, an iconic ‘80s toy puzzle that’s as popular now as the first time it came out. Now, you can add that piece of nostalgia in your home. Not only will it look gorgeous, it’ll probably start conversations when you invite visitors over, too.

Though the bookcase stands flat against the wall, its shape varies when viewed in different angles. At times it seems it’s actually popping out, like an actual giant Rubik’s Cube. When reappropriating toys into a functional piece of furniture, you risk parodying the source material instead of paying proper homage. However, thanks to Bosnas’ excellent craftsmanship, the Rubika Bookcase refrains from being gimmicky. Instead, it pays an excellent tribute to what inspired it in the first place.

It’s rare that a bookcase can serve as a functional storage space and be its own spectacle at the same time. The Rubika Bookcase does so effortlessly. It’s built from medium-density fiberboard and finished with your choice of veneer or colored lacquer. You’d have to contact Anesis, the manufacturer, to get a price quote since the Rubika is made to order. Nevertheless, this would be a lovely addition to any home.

Rubika Bookcase