Now we are going to say something that is probably shocking or a little controversial to some of you reading this – many of us have never paddle boarded before. There, let that fact sink in for a moment or two. It’s true and there really is no point in denying it. However, although we have no real driving desire to invest in a board and out on the water to have a go at this aquatic sport that looks like a mix between surfing and boating, We still can appreciate the beauty of this board.

We appreciate and are a little spellbound just a little at the curves and a slick finish.

Beau Lake has taken rich natural woods such as rosewood, maple, mahogany, and walnut and fashioned them into these marvelous paddleboards. Handcrafted and finished with elegant trims in a selection of colors, you may be tempted to frame one of these in your games room. That would be a waste though because these light epoxy resin and fiberglass creations were meant to be used in the water.

With a weather and UV resistant coating of PU, these paddle boards are as stunning to take action with as they are to look at.

Purchase: $2,300