The KIMBLADE is an all-in-one wiper blade that thoroughly cleans your car’s windshield. It doesn’t leave dirt marks or water streaks behind. It uses a 4-bar linkage technology to ensure you get a clear view every time.

This rectangular wiper removes grease and oil from your windshield fast and in one sweep. It uses powerful 4-bar linkage design that takes up a narrow contact area to maximize cleaning performance. The blade performs with a single edge contact for a concentrated force, thus ensuring an enhanced cleaning performance.

The KIMBLADE wipes instead of rubs using dual silicon coated with water repellant to effectively clean glass for an unobstructed view. The blade applies water repellent film as it is in use, eliminating zero visibility during cold temperatures or while driving in a downpour. Dry-wiping the blade for five minutes results to a brand-new looking windshield coating.

The KIMBLADE is durable and built to last for several uses. The silicone is temperature-resistant and can withstand harsh sunlight and snow. It is stable against UV rays and ozone corrosion, so it does not chip away or break even after prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions. The silicone also ensures smooth usability and quietness, unlike traditional wipers that make squeaky noises as it goes.

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Photos Courtesy of KIMBLADE