If you’re looking for a smart speaker, chances are that you are already eyeing Amazon’s Echo range of products. We know that the online retailer is currently the market leader when it comes to smart home management and virtual assistants, but when it comes to audio performance, there are other brands out there that can do even better. For example, JBL Link View, which appears to compete directly against the new Echo Show, is worth your consideration due to the sound quality it produces.

JBL is already an established name when it comes to audio. So you can look forward to clarity with enough bass to handle various tunes. However, it’s primarily marketed as an alternative to Amazon’s lineup. First of all, we would like to point out that we love its pill-shaped design over the Echo Show’s bulkier appearance.

The touchscreen sits in between two front-firing drivers with a matte finish on the rear assembly. You will find a metallic JBL emblem on the rear with control buttons located just above it. This smart speaker uses Google Assistant to handles all your queries and commands seamlessly. It is compatible with most smart home products and should give the 2018 Amazon Echo Show a run for its money. However, at $199.95, some might consider the latter a better deal instead.

JBL Link View $199.95

Photos courtesy of JBL