The name Jak Atom might not be one you are familiar with. However, if you are a fan of sneakers that buck certain trends, by refusing to follow the same rules of design as others, this pair direct from Portugal may just be your new favorites.

Following the same style as canvas sneakers, Jak has elevated what would be considered a mid-range or even basic price point shoe into the high-end market. The canvas is replaced by single pieces of specially cut textured genuine leather. It is hard not to fall in love with them, take a look for yourself. The stylish and smart leather is matched perfectly to cotton laces.

The exterior is impressive, but wait to you see and feel the interior, which consists of a lining made from premium quality genuine calfskin. This luxurious fabric sits atop an inner sole made from shock-absorption textiles and includes a stitched rubber cup sole that matches the color of the upper. Included in the price is an additional pair of laces, this time in leather.

So, instead of looking for reasons why you shouldn’t treat yourself to these awesome and robust sneakers, why not just invest in the type of quality and style your feet deserve.

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