You can have roots or wings, but you can’t have both, said someone somewhere at some point. It makes perfect sense to combine seeing the world with the ability to live on the road. If you are going to choose wings, then something like the GMC Adventure Van is an amazing option.

The adventurous trend of living in a van has surged recently, even if you adopt nomad status for a month or two, or if it’s your full-time lifestyle, a lot of fun can be had. Anyone who has ever tried living in a van will tell you about all the amazing things they experienced but also say the infamous line “but I was ready to come home” because of the lacking luxuries that living in a van brings.

A lot of committed travelers take their hand to making a bespoke van for themselves and their own needs, which is exactly what WeTravelByBus (a friendly couple) have done to overcome the supposed lacking comforts living in a van means. They transformed a GMC bus into an extraordinary live-in travel vehicle. The German couple and their Florida-originating vehicle have been hard to catch as they zoom from place to place in style.

The vehicle has a big roof rack but other than this addition, the previous owners wouldn’t notice any changes to its exterior. It’s when you take a look inside that the real wow-factor hits you. The seats have been swapped for kitchen counters, storage, a bed and get this, a wood-burning stove! When you are planning a similar feat, this could provide the perfect inspiration to board the adventure.

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