Manual work such as carpentry, whether professionally or as a hobby, can be immensely rewarding. Yet, it can also be messy and at times even dangerous. There is a way to keep yourself cleaner and safer during these man-shed times. The answer is the Ernest Squire Kevlar Apron.

This cloth cover has been inspired by the necessity of protection from sparks and grease, and ease of storage during workshop tasks. Isn’t it just a cloth apron you ask? Actually no, it’s a little more sophisticated to simply be that.

The hidden feature of this apron is that it’s been manufactured using K-Canvas – a robust cotton blended with Dupont Kevlar. This makes the material extremely tough but also has triple-stitching, double-layering and many pockets for all your tools and gear. Such impressive features are its gadget padded pockets, reinforced utility pocket, and triple component storage. There’s room for all your gear!

All this convenience and safety can be yours for a very competitive price too. Even if it’s not in your needs, it could also be a thoughtful wedding or birthday gift for your nearest engineering pal.

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