You’ve probably noticed that some materials develop a unique finish over time. The patina that forms on the surface is the result of oxidation, which gives some metals a unique weathered look that somehow exudes vintage. Take for example bronze and brass—over time, a greenish stain starts to coat the surface. We consider it as a natural work of art and it seems that Mario Trimarchi also feels the same. The artist hopes to gradually paint a one-of-a-kind picture over the span of a century with the De Castelli Samotracia.

Just like the above-mentioned examples, we can witness the chemical changes of copper on a motorcycle. We believe that it’s a clever expression of how speed and time combine to turn a modern two-wheeler into a canvas of artistic expression. According to the Trimarchi, the metal fairing that covers the machine will progressively oxidize in the next 100 years. Just like brass and bronze, a greenish patina will cover the exterior shell.

Unlike most motorcycles, the De Castelli Samotracia showcases an angular design. With multiple surfaces, each one will eventually stain with different shades of green and black. Mario Trimarchi definitely created a remarkable art installation that can be enjoyed in the present at its purest form, and in the future when the copper is fully covered in patina.

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Photos courtesy of Mario Trimarchi