If you haven’t heard of The Q before, this is a good time as any for a proper introduction. This clever craftsman has made many fascinating projects, if you must know. Like that time when he built an F1 car using only soda cans. His latest handiwork is probably one of the most interesting bikes we’ve ever seen here at Men’s Gear.

To put it simply, it’s a bike made entirely out of wood, emphasis on the word “entirely.” Everything, and we do mean everything, is wooden, including the frame, wheels, chain, seat, and even the pedals. The Q spent over 200 hours sticking the whole thing together with glue.

You are sorely mistaken if you think this all-wood bike is a crazy project. If you must know, the first bikes in the world were actually made of wood. Of course, a lot has changed since then and most bikes are now made of aluminum for obvious reasons. It’s worth noting that The Q’s all-wood bike would probably not last long especially when ridden in harsh environments. However, it’s still a nice reminder of ancient technology the people before us had to contend with for lack of better materials and modern craftsmanship.

The Q breaks everything down in his video, complete with instructions on how he managed to come up with this all-wood bike. You can follow that video point by point and make the same bike. Or you can skirt around the rules a bit. For instance, you can swap out the the wooden chain for a set of aluminium rings make the ride a bit more durable. It’s entirely up to you.