One of the best ways to experience the world up close and in your face is on the back of a bike. The workshop with the awesome name of Speedvagen, based in Portland, Oregon have recently unveiled their cool and appropriately titled GTFO Bike.

A balance that is hard to find in many bikes is them being strong enough to handle regular and consistent use over various surfaces while providing enough speed. So far, this is the most adaptable and capable of their creations and has been made to get you places fast. Even though they have not really cut corners when it comes to the spec, with pedals, bags, lights and space for bottles, it weighs just under 24lbs.

The workshop really knows their stuff when it comes to bike designs and ensured that they only used the highest quality materials and parts and performed miles of trials to make sure it would stand up to the challenge.

The frame is as rigid and robust as it is versatile and will allow you to navigate over various surfaces, including pavement, gravel and non-technical trails at speed and ease.

The Speedvagen GTFO Bike does exactly what it says on the tin, so now you can too!

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