Do you find that you really can’t start your day properly until you have had a delicious and invigorating cup of fresh coffee or tea? Do you struggle to find the time in the morning to stop and enjoy one before heading out for work? We may have found a solution.

From Soma, comes a truly revolutionary way to enjoy tea or coffee, the Brew Bottle. This is a 12-ounce bottle made from a double layer of borosilicate glass that maintains the temperature of whatever type of beverage you fancy. In other words, it keeps hot coffee hot and cold refreshing tea cold.

The bottle can be re-used multiple times and is free from harmful BPA. Inside the bottle there is a filter crafted from stainless steel that you can position in two different ways, depending on the type of drink you want; for immersion-style brewing or for straightforward pour over brewing. The mesh filter stops any tea or coffee sediment from seeping into your brew but still allows the delicious aromatics to permeate through to give you that delicious flavor.

But we haven’t even got to the best part, it is a completely portable brewing machine. So, add loose tea or coffee grounds and fill the bottle with hot water, or if you want a cold brew, add water and coffee grounds into the bottle and stick in the fridge overnight.

Whichever method you use, you will be treated to a delicious beverage.

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