If your ambition is to sail across the globe on an electric-powered vessel minus the need to dock and charge throughout the journey, then this environmentally-friendly machine is just what you need. The Solar Impact, designed by Marlena Ratajska of Schaaf Yachtbau Gmbh & Co KG, is equipped to travel the seas with the aid of sunlight. This 78-foot watercraft weight 70 tons and features an aluminum hull and a futuristic appearance. Additionally, everything seems straight out of a science fiction movie.

It gathers all the energy it needs through the integrated solar panels spread across the entirety of the ship. To be specific, it covers around 300 square meters and charges an 800kWh battery. Once fully charged, the power source can supply up to 10 hours of cruising. The twin electric motors produce 500kW each for a total of 1,000kW or an estimated 1,341 horsepower.

Relying only on electricity, the cutting-edge motors deliver a top speed of up to 22 knots. Just in case stormy weather threatens to intercept your plotted course, a pair of 87-horsepower diesel engines is on standby whenever you need it. Below deck, you will find four guest cabins, one master, and another for the crew. The Solar Impact Yacht seems to be an innovative step for shipbuilders who want to significantly reduce the pollution produced by conventional vessels.

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Photos courtesy of Solar Impact Yacht