The Langogo Pocket Translator is your perfect travel buddy wherever in the world you go. It provides on-the-go internet connectivity as a global Wi-Fi hotspot while bridging the communication gap.

This AI-powered device lets you speak like a local in a foreign country. It helps you carry real-life conversations and avoid the awkward pauses with real-time, 2-way translation. It provides accurate translations of over 60 languages in less than a second. Its touchscreen provides real-time translation display, which you can then save for future playback.

The Langogo Pocket Translator has a built-in noise cancellation chip and a superior voice recognition system to ensure better and clear sound quality. It picks up your voice and not the ambient noise. Background noise is reduced by 30 percent and its dual-chamber speaker makes sure it picks up and emits crystal clear sound. This results in accurate translation every time.

Moreover, this device works as a pocket Wi-Fi to make sure you stay connected at all times. Simply switch on the Wi-Fi feature. It uses e-SIM Technology so you can use data roaming in 72 countries. You can even use it as an internet hotspot that can support up to six devices.

The Langogo Pocket Translator is built for rough usage. It has undergone extreme tests– screen scratch test and free fall test– to ensure its durability. Its capacitive screen is made from shatter-resistant glass materials of polycarbonate and Asahi glass so it is meant to survive while on the go.

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Photos Courtesy of Langogo