We all remember the iconic line from Crocodile Dundee, don’t we? When Mick, played to perfection by Paul Hogan, is playing an unofficial game of Top Trumps with a bad guy over the knives they were carrying. “Call that a knife?…this is a knife!” Mick famously remarked.

Most western manufacturers of knives seem to follow the same belief that bigger is better. However, in keeping with the tradition of knife building in Scandinavia, where fixed survival knives are relatively small, highly-favored Benchmade have released their own compact blade in the form of the 200 Puukko.

It may borrow and pay homage to those greats from the north of Europe, but it still abides by the Benchmade standards and features a truly wonderful high-density CPM-3V steel blade. The blade sits aloft the small and rubber Santoprene handle. This allows you to work on your outdoor tent, cutting some poor bunny up or whatever outdoorsy thing you are doing with relative ease and without strain.

Benchmade has ensured that the 200 Puukko is incredibly versatile, and as it is designed for use outdoors you know the blade is going to be properly strengthened. For $145, and matched to a durable and elegant leather pouch, we actually think this is a steal and a very easy purchase for the adventurers out there!

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