When it comes to lighters, most of us depend on the disposable kind fueled by butane gas. On the other hand, a lot of people still believe that the traditional flint and wick models are the way to go. We know that a Zippo lighter immediately crosses your mind, but Knnox aims to kick it up a notch with its own offering that’s machined from solid brass.

The London-based company takes the humble lighter and re-engineered it to hopefully last a lifetime. Unlike conventional models that produce their flame in an upright position, the unique design allows owners to use it sideways. Even though the configuration seems odd, there is a specific reason for this madness.

Normally, all kinds of lighters are primarily ignited with the use of our thumb. However, Knnox’s established form factor gives users more ways to grip the body and generate a spark to light it up. Furthermore, it features a sturdy sliding mechanism that exposes the wick for use and extinguishes the flame when it’s closed.

It continues to stand out from the rest even with its presentation. Priced at $280, the lighter arrives in an elegant slide-out box that includes extra wicks and flints. The unboxed product is fully deconstructed, but all of the components required to assemble it are included. Maybe it was intended to give owners an added sense of accomplishment once they successfully piece everything together.

As a testament to its quality, the company offers a lifetime warranty. Meanwhile, it should be noted that since the lighter fluid is flammable, Knnox ships its products without it.

Knnox Lighter

Photos courtesy of Knnox