BOTE’s Rover Aero makes fishing anywhere around the globe a possibility. The inflatable 12-foot water vessel is portable enough to be carried around anywhere, be it on the road or on air. The boat packs up neatly in its designated Rover Aero travel bag, which features wheels for easy transport.

Setting up the boat is a matter of roll and pump using the added AeroGo rechargeable electric pump, which inflates and deflates the boat. A hand pump is also provided for emergency purposes. The boat needs to be filled with air until the pressure reaches 11 PSI.

What makes BOTE’s boat unique is its versatility. It functions as a motorboat or as a paddleboat. It features a modular motor rack that allows you to attach a motor. It also comes with an adjustable paddle that features an ABS edge blade with an adjustable shaft for easy and secure sizing.

The Rover Aero is made from military grade PVC and is virtually indestructible. It can take a beating and still stay rigid as a plank and support a whopping 500 pounds. You can use your boat for paddling, fishing, or as a means to get to your big boat.

BOTE Rover Aero

Photos courtesy of BOTE