The new Future Custom motorcycle from Harley-Davidson shadows the ongoing minimalist design trend. Notable manufacturers such as Ducati and Indian recently unveiled their own takes and we found them breathtaking. Over the years, the American brand continues to appeal to its target market with the distinct style and performance of its products. Therefore, its latest concept is turning heads in more ways than one.

Purists need not worry since there seem to be no plans to relinquish the lineup of models that bear its signature look anytime soon. Nevertheless, the upcoming Future Custom will certainly call out to forward-thinkers who welcome a more aerodynamic form factor. Currently, it remains a prototype so there might be more changes made down the line. Likewise, we believe that the assigned name might just be a temporary placeholder for now.

Don’t let its understated appearance fool you, because underneath the frame will sit a brawny 1250cc engine. Other than the sleek and aggressive exterior—another feature that sets it apart from a typical Harley-Davidson motorcycle is the matte surfaces of its components, which give it a muted but elegant charm. For comparison, a quick review of its latest catalog illustrates that the majority of its models sport polished chrome and a glossy finish on every paint job.

You still have time to consider since it is scheduled to launch sometime in 2021.

Harley-Davidson Future Custom

Photos courtesy of Harley-Davidson