We know that a lot of you will agree that music is best enjoyed either with top-shelf headphones, earbuds, or speakers. The quality of the audio produced likewise depends on the format used by the source, which could be analog or digital. While most of us are entertained by the tunes alone, there are instances wherein visual effects can enhance the experience even further.

For example, concert attendees would notice that the presentation is usually accompanied by a bevy of lights. Moreover, even intimate performances rely on lighting to generate the appropriate mood. Armed with the understanding that light and music make a perfect pair when it comes to entertainment, product designer, Ori Kadosh, gives us the Atlas speaker system.

The device is made up of two parts, the incredibly slim speaker tower and the removable globe (hence the name Atlas) that sits on a special cradle. The designer has yet to reveal specific details regarding the product, but do we know that it uses Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with its base tower as well as transfer music files.

What makes the product fascinating is the innovative control scheme assigned to the globe. Concept images reveal that it is made up of a stack of five rings. However, it appears that only the middle three are embedded with an LED display and controls certain functions. The product page illustrates that you can rotate each ring in order to make a selection.

The inner section of the sphere likewise emits a soft glow in shades of white and blue. The highlight of happens when the user places the device back into its cradle. The video shows that the globe will rotate and pulse softly along with the music. Additionally, each ring moves independently in a mesmerizing pattern that will undoubtedly keep you entertained both visually and audibly.

Until more information is released about the Atlas speaker system, we can presume that the control module (the globe) charges wirelessly.

Atlas Speaker System By Ori Kadosh

Photos courtesy of Ori Kadosh