We recently featured a classic car company based in Lisbon, Portugal that specializes in 1979 Land Rover Series 3 Defenders. It’s definitely everything fans of the British brand could hope for. However, for some of us who love good old-fashioned American SUVs, we can turn to Classic Ford Broncos to satisfy our needs.

The team of highly-skilled professionals take everything that we love about Broncos and fine-tune them to look and run just like new. Take this one, for example, a 1966 model dubbed “Marco Island” and stunningly-rebuilt by the shop. The end product is a remarkable work of automotive art draped in a shade of Grigio Titans. The awesome paintwork is a marvel to look at and most likely a pleasure to drive in.

Pop the hood to see the powerful Coyote 5.0-liter engine that lies snugly within. Swampy terrain and off-road paths are easily conquered by its massive 33-inch BFG mud-terrain tires. Its custom-made roll cage, bumpers, and the soft top lend even more to its classic charisma. Crack the door open and peek inside to see the reupholstered seats covered in classy Smoked Tobacco leather.

Customized Ford Broncos like the “Marco Island” will no doubt appeal to a select number of people, but you can always count on the company to build one according to your tastes.

Customize your own Bronco here

Photos courtesy of Classic Ford Broncos