If you regularly travel to and from New York City for business or pleasure and find that you are tired out and fatigued by your journey, your options for what you could do to recharge were very limited in the past. You could book a hotel room, of course, but that would cost you a truly exuberant price or you could just try and enjoy the city on low energy reserves. Well, that was until Casper established their highly exclusive and fantastic sleeping lounge.

The Dreamery at 196 Mercer Street in the city that never sleeps, is the brainchild of bed and mattress specialists, Casper. The Dreamery is a special and very magical space where you can go to unwind from a long-haul flight or stress-inducing time spent on the subway. There you are treated to 45 minutes of the most luxurious, uninterrupted sleep on one of the most comfortable beds you will ever lay your weary body on. Included in the price are complimentary pj’s, Headspace custom lullabies to help you settle and there are also a full range of face washes, toothbrushes and drinks for when you wake up.

Although it is less hassle if you book ahead, the Dreamery also accepts walk-ins. Go on, you know you’re worth it!

The Dreamy