Featuring a robust output of 450 Watts per channel and a dedicated McIntosh Autoformer that makes that massive power available to any speaker with a 2, 4 or 8 Ohm impedance, the MC462 is the brand’s most powerful stereo amplifier to date.

With a bigger filter capacity compared to the previous model, the MC462 raises the dynamic headroom from 1.8dB to 3.0dB, improving bass performance and also allowing the unit to easily handle big swings in dynamics and reproduce audio with virtually no distortion. Internal wiring and select circuit components have also been upgraded, while an eco-friendly power management system turns the amp off after a set amount of time when no input signal is detected.

Except for the direct LED backlighting that improves appearance and color accuracy, the 115-lb rig retains all the hallmarks of a McIntosh amplifier, boasting a sleek stainless steel chassis, the iconic black glass front panel, illuminated logo, control knobs, aluminum handles and a duo of fast responding blue Wattmeters.

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Photos Courtesy of McIntosh