A display of fine craftsmanship, the ‘Black Phantom’ is a custom Classic BMW Motorcycle with a unique bodywork that’s dressed in black, with gold pinstriping and a slew of stunning brass details.

The bike is the work of art of one man shop Kingston Custom (Dirk Oehlerking). As you can tell from the images, the guy is a master of his craft. Seeking to provide a sibling to his equally-impressive ‘White Phantom,’ the German builder started with a WW2-era R75, which he fitted with leftover BMW parts from his own workshop, dating between 1951 & 1979.

The obvious show stealer here is the hand-made slim bodywork that extends to the back. Formed from 2 mm thick aluminum, the unique shell boasts breathtaking design intricacies that include mesh-covered intakes, a leather seat, leather tool pouches hidden behind the rear number boards, and old-school custom gauges.

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Photos by Ben Ott