The BREKX Party Cooler marries a generously-sized icebox with a couple of high-powered water resistant speakers, so you can celebrate the summer like you’re supposed to–sipping on some cold ones while playing your favorite tunes!

With a large capacity of 54-quart (51-liters), the cooler features a rust/leak-proof steel exterior and a super-durable inner plastic liner with a side faucet system for draining. The built-in heavy duty speakers can be connected via Bluetooth from up to 35 feet away, or via the included aux cord to connect the old fashion way.

The speakers are splash-resistant and powered by an amplifier located on the back (run by 4 AA batteries). The cooler weighs in at a considerable 22lb, but on the flip side it’s very sturdy and claimed to keep your brewskies cold even in 110-degree river weather!

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