If you need a big, strong and ultra-secure lock that is reasonably priced, this is it. The Bowley 543 High-Security Padlock is built with a complex technology which is considered to be one of the most pick proof, bump proof, and tamper proof.

Made by Canada’s Bowley Lock Company Inc., Model 543 is 5/4″ thick, 4″ tall & 3″ wide. The lock features a dual shielded 9-pin core which has over 2.3 billion key combinations, as well as a deadbolt 5-pin design that’s extremely resistant to all forms of covert attacks.

The shackle is a 7/16″ hardened steel nickel-plated piece which is protected from cutting attacks by a large guard on the lock body, while a 1/4″ thick hardened 17-4 SS bottom plate ensures resistance to drilling attacks on the core.

Available in a lightweight aluminum version (1 lb), a sleek brass model (3 lb) suited for severe outdoor and marine applications, and the most secure of them all–a 17-4 hardened stainless steel version.

Preorder from Kickstarter $137+