If you don’t have a good whetstone in your kitchen yet, we recommend you get one. Your chef’s knives will surely appreciate it. A good option is the Sharp Pebble Whetstone, a solid and complete kit that includes everything you need to keep your slicing instruments in top condition.

The kit contains a two-sided premium quality stone with different grades (1000 and 6000 grits) to finish sharpening your blades, plus a nice bamboo base for holding the stone, knife sharpening angle guide, instruction manual and an eBOOK with tips & tricks for every skill level.

Useful for a multitude of other blades, including hunting & pocket knives, scissors, wood chisels, straight shaving razors, and even axes, the Pebble Whetstone uses water for sharpening, so there’s no need for expensive and messy oils.

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