Boasting an innovative self-righting design, the Safehaven Marine XSV 17 ‘Thunder Child’ is not only capable of recovering its position after capsize (overturning on the water), the impressive boat can also survive up to ‘sea state 8’ conditions, meaning 30 to 46 ft (9-14m) waves!

The vessel is constructed from advanced lightweight FRP cored composites and has a unique hull form that allows it to operate in two distinct modes, fully planning and wavepiercing. A twin chine setup allows for high levels of both static and dynamic stability, while a number of adjustable bowfins increase buoyancy in following seas preventing excessive submersion.

Power comes from a pair of Caterpillar C12.9 turbo & supercharged diesel engines producing 1,000hp each, capable of delivering maximum speeds of 54 knots (about 62 mph). Long-range fuel tanks of 5,000+L provide enough juice for up to 750 Nautical Miles of cruising.

Inside the 17-meter high-speed boat, you’ll find space for a crew of 10 (6 seated on high tech AMP Wave breaker shock mitigation seats and 4 on fixed seats in the main cabin) plus a separate heads and sleeping compartment. Navigation equipment includes HD Radar, VHF radio communications, AIS, and GPS systems, three 15″ Garmin color monitors, FLIR Thermal /night vision infrared cameras systems, and a CAT touchscreen engine monitoring display.

The low Interceptor vessel is designed for Naval, law enforcement, and offshore patrol applications. It is currently for sale, so you better snatch it while you can! Or just watch the videos below and dream.

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